The Anrude Den

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What exactly is an Anrude anyway?

An Anrude is a large, stocky creature that shows a resemblance to wolves, bears and large felines. They are normally found in the far reaches of the north where the permafrost never thaws. They tend to be rather simple-minded creatures with a deep seated loyalty to any who it deems as friends, which tends to be quite a few since they are very friendly.

When an Anrude is born, it looks very much like a wolf cub but with oddly oversized feet. The young are usually pretty active and their large feet help to keep them from sinking into deep snowdrifts. The cubs do sleep a lot, but when they are awake, they are full of such exuberant energy, most people have trouble handling them.

As an Anrude grows, they become more independent and can go hunting for themselves, though they can only hunt small game like small rodents. They begin to settle down as they grow older, putting their energy towards learning new things as they are inherently curious.

There are many tales told of wild Anrude wandering into human settlements and playing simple but effective tricks on the townsfolk. It's all meant in good fun since Anrude's rarely have malicious intentions. One of the most popular tricks a young Anrude likes to play is to dig a deep hole and then refill it with light snow.

It's at this age that an Anrude will begin to bond with a single person or other animal. This time is curcial for someone trying to keep an Anrude as a pet. If the Anrude is given a strong reason to distrust its owner, it will most likely run away in search of a true friend.

Once an Anrude is fully grown, it is able to hunt larger game like elk and caribou. They have settled down into dependable, loyal companions about the size of a Malamute dog with a long, thick tail like a snow leopard's. They are still curious, but now they have some caution when dealing with a new situation.

Adult Anrude can be used to haul large loads much like a horse would. They can even be ridden, though their movements can sometimes be sparratic and unpredictable. Because of their stocky build, an Anrude is said to be able to carry upwards of three hundred pounds of weight on its back. Some owners choose to go hunting with their Anrude and have the critter carry the catch back.

An adult's trust is difficult to learn as they have already bonded with another person or animal, but it's not impossible. Anrude are still as friendly as they were when they were younger.

A note of caution should be put here. Anrude are large and very skilled hunters, so one would caution potential owners to watch out when the Anrude decides to "play". Also, if a person is in possesion of a fully grown Anrude, it would be unwise to threaten them as the Anrude will defend their person.

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