December 15th:
The ASC is moving!
You'll be able to find all of the new pets and art here: The New ASC!
Come and visit us! There are four newborns (10 variations total) waiting to be adopted!

July 10th:
You can see my new little pets here: The Noranyuko Laboratory
Hope you like them!

July 9th:
Large amounts of updates coming soon!

Usage Rules

-Don't alter or modify these images in ANY way without my permission.
-Don't remove the image link back here - I spent a lot of time on these and I think it's only considerate if you link back.
-Don't claim credit for the image.
-Do feel free to use these pets as website mascots, in forum signatures, etc, as long as you don't alter the code to stop it from linking back to Adopt Some Creativity.

Please do not message me with ideas for new adoptables or coloring schemes. If I need help, I'll let you all know in the forum.

All pets are non-growing. What you see is what you get.

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