I seriously doubt anyone even bothers reading this...

July 9, 2009
Yeah. That's what I think.

Anrudes are ready~!

March 15, 2009
That's right, the Anrudes are officially a new adoptable growing pet on ASC!
They can be found in the Anrude Den.

I might also be doing some guest artwork for Chicken Smoothie soon too! XD
I'm so excited!

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I'm adding the world.

March 11, 2009
This whole adoptables site, to be truthful, is based loosely around a story I was working on a very long time ago. So I decided to go ahead and begin implementing the entire world of Lengardia, a peaceful place with little conflict.

You'll eventually be able to find rare pets and items and meet lots of interesting characters, but for now there's only a world map on the World Map page.

Hopefully this will make the main page a little more interesting. =^_^=

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The March Pets Grew Up!

March 10, 2009
Look at them! They're so cute =>w<=!

Hope you guys like them!

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Ever Had One of Those Days?

March 9, 2009
I was at home all day yesterday doing nothing but laundry. I'm not talking one or two loads, no, I'm saying fifteen loads. Continuous. Washed, dried and then hand folded while they're still hot. Phew...

But it's all good. I got to go see a movie afterwards at the local Movie Theater XD

Sorry, this is really random, but I have nothing else really to talk about X_X

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I'm so tired...

March 8, 2009
It's 4:04 am where I am and I've just finished putting all the updates that I'm doing for now.
I hope you guys like them. I'm going to bed X_X

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More Massive Updates

March 8, 2009
I'm changing the navigation of ASC to something that I think will not only look better, but it will be much easier to navigate. I should have the site up and running properly by the 9th, but it could take more time. Pleas be patient =^_^=

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I Hate Dumb Displays

March 6, 2009
So yeah, I was out at the store the other day, looking for the usual stuff, when I came across a rather interesting display setup. It was in the candy aisle and sat directly in front of all the Godiva, Dove and other lovely chocolates that are probably very bad for you but taste OH so good. The cardboard display proclaimed this: "Feeling lethargic? Need a boost in energy? Try exercise and healthy eating! It all starts with [blocked because I won't advertise for them]! Pick up some today!"

Let ...
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Oh man...

March 5, 2009
Man I feel bad today. My nose is all stuffed up X_X
On top of that, it looks like the forum is being slow again... ugh
I won't be updating much today except for this journal.
Thanks everyone for reading =^_^=

EDIT: Okay, so I wasn't completely truthful about the updates. XD
You can find a new adoptable on this page. Surprise!

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St. Patrick's Day is coming!

March 4, 2009
I love holidays, I really do. They're special days set aside out of the year for one reason or another and I can't help but do a little research about them. =^_^=

I won't bore you with the mega details, but I do have some news! There's a new pet on the Holiday Pets page for St. Patrick's Day! Help us celebrate by adopting it and sharing it around with your friends!

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